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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Superportal?

"A collection of over 1000 heterogeneous websites that function as individuals while also working together in a homogeneous cluster with a central point of management."

  • Multiportal - 2 to 99 websites
  • Hiperportal - 100 to 999 websites
  • Superportal - 1000 plus websites

How can I find my home on the Australian Community Network?

3 Ways to find your Community Website

  1. Through AUSCITY.INFO

  2. By logging in and using the MOVE menu option

  3. Through the INTERACTIVE MAPS on Over 1000 Australian Community Portal Websites

How do I get my Google Adwords to appear on the
Australian Community Portal web sites?

Curently Google Ads don't appear through the entire ACN however we would like them to and you can help us

  1. Contact your Google Adwords manager on 1800 988 571
  2. Tell them you would like your Google Ads to appear on and ask if they will please reply to our gmails or contact us we have asked and need their help on an account issue with Adsense
  3. If they don't respond Don't Dispair - Place your business Smart Ad by logging in here
  4. Community Ads are FREE*
  5. Here you get 24 x 7 Ads and you will have more features and it's not expensive PPC!
  6. Our Australian Ads are low cost and good value, it's a no brainer
  7. Just login here and use Ads/Create Ad

* By gold coin Community Leader validation or 100% FREE with business member association - Login for details